Canal Refining offers a variety of superior filtration and separation technology solutions for many different industries including mining, oil refining and the marine fields. Presently, we have the only continuously operating, self cleaning filtration and separation system in the world that does not require backwashing. Our patented technology is truly one-of-a-kind and state of the art. When you need metals removal, oily water separation on or offshore, crude oil stream purification, or filtration of liquids of various types including feedlot operations, come to Canal Refining.

What Separates Us…

Our patented technology does not require fiber or cartridge type filters, biological or chemical additives to complete the filtration process. Furthermore, Canal Refining systems do not require on-going filter changes which cause a tremendous amount of down time and creates an environmental problem. Larger filtration and separation systems typically allow large particles to pass through the process and are not really filtering the fluid stream. Canal Refining's cutting edge technology systems are designed for the particular fluid stream to be filtered and will attain the highest degree of separation possible. In addition, the HCC filtration and separation systems are the only truly continuous operating filtration system which cleans its filter media as it operates. No chemicals, ever!